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OE Exact Fit Metal Wiper

LELION Factory customized and wholesale all types of wiper blades for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trailer and boat.

We offer our Frame Universal Metal Wiper, designed to withstand a variety of driving conditions, for use on vans, trucks, and coaches. This wiper blade enhances drivers' overall driving experience by ensuring maximum visibility and safety for drivers on both challenging terrain and city areas.

Product Advantages:

Advanced Metal Frame Design: The metal frame architecture of our OE Exact Fit Metal Wiper guarantees unparalleled stability and extended lifespan, instilling confidence in commercial vehicle owners and operators regarding their choice.

Seamless Installation: Our Frame OE Wiper offer a hassle-free and effective solution for operating and maintaining commercial vehicles, providing a simple and straightforward installation process for added convenience.

Optimal Cleaning Performance: The intelligent design and natural rubber composition of our Specific Frame Wiper Blade ensure impeccable windshield cleanliness and contribute to safe driving experiences.